Lorelay Bové


Lorelay Bové was born in Spain and raised in the Principality of Andorra between France and Spain. She moved with her family to Los Angeles when she was 14 years old and is fulfilling a childhood dream of being an artist at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Bové graduated from Cal Arts in 2007, completing an internship at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. Lorelay then started in the visual development department in August 2007 as a trainee. She has worked on The Walt Disney Animation Studios’ musical comedy “The Princess and the Frog” doing visual development, color characters and costumes, props, backgrounds and end credit sequence art and designs.  Lorelay has also worked on Tangled, as well as Tangled ever after short, on the short “the Ballad of Nessie”, Winnie the Pooh, Prep and Landing ,  on “wreck it Ralph” doing visual development as the lead designer in sugar rush, and on Big Hero 6 as a visual development artist.


Her inspiration include her father who is an artist in his own right, as well as her tight knit family, Disney classic films, old Hollywood movies and her native Spain and travels. Bove has also illustrated the “Toy Story” picture book , “The Princess and the Frog” Little Golden Book, the “wreck it Ralph” Little golden book , the “Monsters University Fearbook” picturebook, and Disney animation studios Artist  showcase series “No Slurping, No Burping”